Welcome to the 7th CPPC workshop! 2-4 Sept 2020

CPPC (Computational Properties of Prefrontal Cortex) workshops began as a very small meeting in 2010 organized mostly by PFC electrophysiologists who felt they needed a relatively informal forum to discuss the currently most pressing questions revolving around PFC function and its underlying computations. Since then it ran every two years, attracting increasingly more attention as the committee has expanded and grown. It now includes a broader set of computational modelers, more cognitive elements and a larger cross section of species (from mouse to macaque and humans).

We welcome participants with any approach who are passionate about pursuing prefrontal and cingulate functions from empirical and computational perspectives.

The meeting will provide ample time for open discussions and also slots for short talks. Posters and data blitz sessions for trainees will also be proposed.

Topics of interest

  • What prefrontal computations support social cognition?
  • Self-organized behaviours, control and ecological problems
  • Neural networks maintaining, processing and integrating information
  • Individual differences in PFC (clinical, lesion and other variability)
  • Emotion and PFC
  • Neural oscillations and temporal dynamics of PFC computations
  • Representation, structure and Memory
  • Anatomy and comparative work


Click here to download the programme (not yet finalized!)